Modeling Tips


  • Here are a few tips that will help you maximize your earning potential while streaming online. Every model has a different style when performing but if you follow these guidelines you'll be on your way to becoming a top model!​
  • ​~External webcams are key for making money Recommend Logitech brands 310hd and up. You can get on ebay from 29.00 and up.
  • ​~Edit your profile information if you haven’t already. Pictures aren't necessary but members like it when a little bit of your personality shines through while they are reading your profile. If we've completed a generic one for you then edit it yourself.
  • ~Don’t be afraid to talk! Models who are shy or want to type will make considerably less. Have some fun, let your inhibitions go, and most importantly be yourself! Clients want what they aren't getting at home so make sure to give it to them! Models who can make up stories and role play we'll do the best.
  • ​~Wear something cute and sexy but leave a little to the imagination. Clients will try to get as much as they can for free, don’t let them trick you into taking anything off in open chat. A client won’t pay for it if he knows your giving it out for free.
  • ​~Take advantage of your new model status! You are put in two places on the site giving you double the traffic for the first two weeks after your profile is approved. Don’t waste any time getting started, building up favorites during this period is recommended so you gain some regulars early on.
  • ​~Fill out your schedule even if you aren't following it. Clients like to see that your on regularly.
  • ​~Don’t become discouraged if it's slow online! A lot of models get on once or twice at a bad time or during a slow period. Traffic fluctuates but the best times to be on are 8am-12pm and 8pm-1am. If your having a bad day don’t let it ruin your chance at making tons of money.
  • ~Work in a bedroom if you can, it makes the experience more intimate. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try different types of shows (i.e. Yoga shows, Shower Shows, Foot fetish shows, Voyeur Shows)​