Site Rules


Personal Contact with Members.

Do not solicit personal contact with members. Under no circumstances are you to give out your real name, phone number, or Facebook/Twitter information. 

Pay Pal or Skype

 Do not mention Pay Pal or Skype and ignore any offers of outside payment. Some clients may ask for your Skype and offer to pay you through another source but 99% will want you to perform free shows. Ignore these members and block them if they continue. 

Harassing other models

 Harassing other models is not tolerated. Many models will watch other models for new ideas but under no circumstances are you to make any mean or hurtful comments to fellow models. You also may not talk about other models while you are online. 

Approved Models Only

 Only performers approved on your account may be visible on the video stream. Animals are also not allowed to appear on your video, keep cats and dogs out of the room your working in. 

Nudity Online

 No below the belt nudity in open chat. You may flash your breasts for tips but keep all other nudity for private and exclusive. 

Code of Conduct

 All performers must follow the Live Chat Code of Conduct. Performers may not portray any depictions of sexual acts with minors under 18, rape, incest, or bestiality.